Our key customers are latex based related manufacturers particularly natural and synthetic glove, condom, finger cot and balloon. We distribute a wide range of products which includes raw latex for glove dipping, compounding ingredients and processing additives.

Nitrile Latex
Synthetic latex for glove dipping (disposable exam, cleanroom and industrial gloves)
Water Based Dispersions and Custom Processed Chemicals
High quality aqueous dispersions and emulsions for latex foam, latex rubber, adhesives and coatings
Chloroprene Latex
Synthetic latex for glove dipping (examination, surgical, industrial and household gloves)
Polyisprene Latex
Synthetic Latex for surgical gloves and condom
Crosslinker for Nitrile Latex
High performance crosslinker (sulphur / accelerator free)
Pigment Dispersion
Colorants for gloves
Cationic | Anionic | Non-ionic Surfactant
Stabilizer for latex compounding, emulsifier for emulsion polymerization of latex
Specialty Accelerator Powder
Accelerate crosslinking process for latex compound
Active Zinc Oxide
Act as activator for crosslinking process in latex compound
Enso Restore
Specialty additve to restore natural biodegradability to synthetic and natural rubber
Water-based Polyurethane
Synthetic latex for supported glove coating and textile adhesive
Titanium Dioxide
White pigment
Wax Emulsion
Act as stripping agent and anti-ozonant for gloves. Antitack and anti-blocking agent